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Electrical Houses (eHouse)

Custom-engineered, walk-in metal enclosure specifically built to protect critical electrical equipment in the power distribution network.

Electrical House (eHouse), also called Power House, is a prefabricated walk-in modular outdoor enclosure to house a medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) switchgear as well as auxiliary equipment. It can be skid or wheel mounted and is ready to operate in the field with minimum installation, commissioning and start up time – as an alternative to traditional on-site building construction (concrete block, brick construction or similar).

Proximity to major suppliers during design / construction makes the changes and integration easier. The eHouse is tested before shipping including all its components, which minimizes risks in the field. Its mobility makes it easy and cost effective to install and relocate. eHouse can be installed close to the main loads which reduces the power and control cable size and length. By being close to the loads the energy cost is lower.

E-Houses are customized, pre-assembled and pre-tested modular power substations. They are ideally suited for use in situations where interim solutions are needed, or in locations that are difficult to access. The simple reason is that they are easy to assemble and put into operation. They provide a rapid and flexible power supply, precisely where it’s needed. E-Houses have proven themselves as an alternative to conventional power distribution solutions. They have been installed in large numbers throughout the world in industry and infrastructure, and for network operators. Fast, flexible and reliable: E-House is a plug-and-play solution that can be implemented entirely to suit your requirements. Quickly and easily, since E-House is built, set up, and pre-tested at the factory, and then assembled, connected and put into operation on-site.


eHouses are growing in popularity in the power generation, oil and gas and mineral extraction and processing industries. They are ideally suited for any project where there is a need to reduce on-site work, especially in remote areas where qualified personnel is sometimes not available and all labor is expensive and difficult to manage.

E-Houses, Site Offices, Bunk Houses, Customized Containers

With growing raise in modern infrastructure, the eco-friendly customized containers are the best options for immediate solutions at any extent and size. Containers are best utilized:

  • E-houses for media works and networking solutions.
  • Site Offices with minimal space and effective utilization.
  • Bunkhouses for travel and tourism.
  • Bunkhouses are another modernized innovative resorts too.
  • Customized containers are now utilized for shops, services, and house on wheels.
  • Customized containers can be well planned and organized for any innovative thought and concepts.

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