Containers provide customized environment-friendly solutions for logistics, storage, e-house, site offices, bunkhouses, and various customized usage. Containers are durable and maintenance-free with eco-friendly options that could withstand drastic climatic conditions.


Dry Van Container

Dry van containers are well organized for logistic purpose and delivery vehicles. Container with its rigid nature is best suited for the customized purpose. The best purpose for containers is Eco -friendly, adjustable for weather conditions, maintenance-free; withstand any fabrication works, transferable, transportable, and rigid grounding options.


PUF Insulated Refrigeration Containers

PUF Insulated refrigeration containers are used for cold storage and refrigerated logistics. PUF Insulation is made with utmost care with steel fabrication and quote to prevent leakage in joints and ceilings. PUF insulation is customized in various capacities on clients needs. It is easily transferable, transportable and aid proper grounding to avoid damages.

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